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Live Workshop

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What's Your Energy Score?   

Join Thousands Of Others Who Have Discovered Their Energy Score.  When you attend our event, you'll receive an appointment for a private 1 on 1 session with Dr. Aristotle ($250. value) and experience our energy measurement tool to find the overall status of your energy system. A perfect score of 100% reflects complete balance and unimpeded flow of energy. A lower score means there are various imbalances contributing to your health problem that you and the doctor can discuss together. 

Hyatt Regency Century Plaza Losangeles, CA  THIS EVENT IS CLOSED

When:  Thurday July 30, 2015
Only those preregistered notified of schedule  or venue updates.

What He Did Next

 Changed His Life.   


Experience a Dramatic INCREASE in your health & successfully MAXIMIZE your healing potential.

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Speaker: Dr. Aristotle Economou 


​​​A Live Private Group Event

Dr. Aristotle Economou as seen on ...


Monterey Plaza Hotel Monterey, CA  THIS EVENT IS CLOSED

​When:  Saturday July 18, 2015​

Only those preregistered notified of schedule  or venue updates.

Upcoming Events

Dr. Aristotle understands the difficulties his patients go through when dealing with a personal health challenge. In 2006, an autoimmune disorder suddenly turned his life upside down and put his years of clinical experience in wellness medicine to the ultimate test. Over a short period, all the muscles in Aristotle’s body unexpectedly became paralyzed with only the ability to slightly move his hands at the wrists and blink his eyes

Paralyzed In 2006 By An Autoimmune Disorder..

“How to Naturally Restore Balance & 

Help Stop Your Body From Attacking Itself.”

Aristotle Wellness Seminars

What Do You Want to Overcome, Naturally, in 2015?
Doctors In the “Know” Have An Autoimmune Disorder.

This is What THEY Do...

Autoimmune Workshop

Clinic:  8929 Wilshire Blvd Suite 302

Beverly Hills, CA 90211


Beverly Hilton Beverly Hills, CA​  THIS EVENT IS CLOSED

When:  Saturday August 29, 2015  ​​   2:00pm – 6:00pm​
Cost:  Early Bird before August 22nd  $97      Regular $127       Day of Event $147
*Bonus Gifts:  over $250 Value
Tickets:   310. 734.0951 extension 3

Only those preregistered notified of schedule  or venue updates.

CAFFÉ ROMA  Beverly Hills

When:  To Be Announced
Cost:  To Be Announced
Tickets:  To Be Announced
Only those preregistered notified of schedule  or venue updates.

Dr. Aristotle Economou 


*Bonus Gifts​When you sign up & attend the event,
You'll Receive:
  • A copy of Dr. Aristotle's Best-Selling book "Change The Way You Heal, 7 Steps To Highly Effective Healing". ($24.95 value).
  • A complimentary 20 minute in office session with Dr. Aristotle for your personal Energy Score Health Assessment. ($250 value).
Seating is Limited. You must attend event to receive your gifts.


  • For over 25 years, Dr. Aristotle Economou has helped thousands of people move closer to their goal of true health freedom. His strategies and programs will provide you with immediate and lasting results. 
  • You are in the right place if you are committed to living your true potential. Remember, your health success starts and stops with you.
  • ​​​The Autoimmune Event starts August 29th. Join us for an educational & empowering experience to uncover new ways to address autoimmune issues from the root cause that also takes into consideration your individual needs.

​With so many approaches in Western and Euro-Asian Medicine it can be overwhelming deciding which one will fit your particular needs. Go beyond the status quo and join us at our next live event. 

 “At this live event, you’ll learn the strategies that helped me walk again
& former attendees say is not to be missed.” 


  • Why Your Body Refuses to Defend and Heal Itself & Step By Step Methods to Revitalize Your Natural Healing Abilities.
  • 3 Commonly Overlooked Systems You Must Tap-Into to help Stop Frustrating Attacks and Accelerate Healing.
  • Heavy Metals & Why You Must Know the 3 T’s and How They Affect the Immune System to Begin Recovering Naturally.
  • ​What NEVER, EVER to EAT with an Auto-Immune Disorder (it surprises even top doctors until they realize just how much sense eliminating these trigger foods makes!)…
  • The Inspiring Story of How a New Integrative Health Strategy Made a Dying Doctor Live in Wellness Again​.
  • How to Know Your Body is Fully Absorbing Your Vitamins (So you experience that “run up the mountain” energy).
  • The Answers Your Questions (we won’t stop until they’re answered, or can refer you to an expert who can help).
  • Plus much, much more...